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People - Mozambique

Board of Directors


Our Mozambique offices in Maputo employ individuals with expertise in health information systems, monitoring and evaluation, surveillance, business development and finance and operations.

Administrative team

Shireen Daud Cassim

Director of Operations and Finance

Cassim has 34 years of experience in administration, human resources, logistics, finance, IT and program management and control.

She previously worked as a program assistant, program officer and project control officer with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Mozambique. She served as the project lead and program officer managing UNHCR-funded projects for several NGOs. She also has experience at various private companies in general administration and finance. She worked for I-TECH Mozambique as deputy country director for finance and assisting I-TECH headquarters as a regional compliance officer for the Botswana, Namibia and Kenya offices.

Cassim has a bachelor’s in a commercial management course (1st year) and completed the Effective Writing course for UNHCR. She attended a training on Peace Keeping and a course on Peace Building and specialized in Reconciliation and Mediation. Cassim also completed general office, secretarial and accounting courses in South Africa.

Amrah Abdul Haquimo Faquir

HR Manager

Faquir provides assistance in recruitment, salary payments and social security requirements for all Mozambique-based staff. She deals with insurance and medical aid issues and with staff conflict resolution, while also ensuring uniform and consistent implementation of policies and procedures for HR management. Additionally, she works with the Ministry of Labor’s officials during inspections.

Faquir previously worked as legal officer and HR Director at Mozfoods, S.A., an agriculture company and as a lawyer at MBachir & Associados and at Pimenta & Associados.

Faquir has a law degree from Instituto Superior de Ciências e Tecnologia de Moçambique.

Herrmínia Maria Mavota

Finance Manager

Mavota manages the accounting system, supervises all payable accounts and fund management, manages travel advances, institutes sufficient internal controls to safeguard the assets of the organization, and monitors and prepares regular reports for the program budget.

Mavota previously worked at Mozambique's Tax Authority, performing inspections and audits for companies in the general scope (i.e. VAT, IRPS and IRPC). She worked mainly with verification and compliance with tax obligations and analysis of the accounts processes presented by the companies. She also worked as an accountant with I-TECH Mozambique.

Mavota has an accountant and audit degree from San Thomas University of Mozambique.

Stephanie Magalhães de Oliveira Bello

Administrative Assistant

Bello assists the director of operations and finance in the areas of procurement, supervises office maintenance and coordinates logistics for trainings and meetings.

Bello is currently pursuing academic training in business management at the University Saint Thomas (USTM) - Business Management School.

Dulce Marta Afuale Manjate

Administrative Assistant

Manjate serves as administrative assistant to the UCLA team, where she represents Global Programs for Research & Training with the UCLA team and submits administrative requests under the supervision of the director of operations and finance and the UCLA program director.

Manjate previously worked at EMATUM as administrative and financial assistant.

Manjate is currently studying accounting and auditing at Damelin Graduate College, Randburg.

Pedro Albino Cossa


Cossa welcomes visitors to the office, manages transportation logistics for the entire Mozambique-based team, supplies the necessary material for the proper functioning of the office, as well as other administrative tasks, supporting the director of operations and finance.

Cossa previously worked at Mozambique Packaging Industries as a receptionist and as an accountant at Estaleiros Paraiso.

Cossa attended a course in accounting and auditing at Escola Superior de Contabilidade e Gestão.

Health information systems & Informatics team

Valério Victor João

HIS Team Lead

João manages the day-to-day development and maintenance of health information systems (HIS) for HIV care and treatment electronic medical record for the Ministry of Health. His work involves adapting the current OpenMRS medical record system into a point-of-care system that supports active medical management and interoperability with other health-care delivery service areas (i.e. HIV, TB, laboratory results, etc.). He is also the lead for the in-country HIS development team in collaboration with eSaude community of Mozambican developer stakeholders to identify, develop and implement HIS solutions.

João previously worked as a developer for the European research project (FP7) SLA@SOI. As the senior HIS developer for Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF), he was responsible for development, migration and expansion of electronic medical records systems. He also worked with eGovernment projects such as Maputo Living Lab as a team lead, as well as, eSISTAFE as a senior developer. João is an active member of eSaude community, a mentor in Google Summer of Code for eSaude/OpenMRS open source projects and a part-time university lecturer.

João has a bachelor honor’s degree in information technology from the Catholic University of Mozambique and a master’s degree in technologies for system integration and eGovernment from the University of Trento, Italy.

Eudson Xavier Victor Bambo

HIS Team Lead

Bambo supports the national HIV program with an offline, tablet-based solution for site supervision, continuous quality improvement and general support for configuration, management and updates of applications installed on the HIV program’s servers. He has six years of experience in developing enterprise web-based and mobile-based applications, mostly working with Java, Android, JavaScript, Python and the Django framework.

Bambo worked previously at Banco Comercial e de Investimentos where he was in charge of developing interdepartmental applications and also managed informatics-related projects. He also worked for three years at Centro de Desenvolvimento de Sistemas de Informação de Finanças (CEDSIF) as a software test architect and as technical lead for the development of the new Governmental National System for Management of Human Resources.

Bambo has a bachelor’s in informatics and telecommunications from the Instituto Superior de Transportes e Comunicações (ISUTC).

Edson Eduardo Nunes

HIS Team Lead

Nunes supports the development and implementation of multiple health informatics solutions for the National Institute of Health (INS) and the Ministry of Health (MISAU). His work includes supporting the surveillance department in the creation and management of disease surveillance databases and dashboards, as well as providing general informatics support to the INS Data Management Unit. He has seven years of experience in programming a number of software environments. Nunes is a technical advisor to the INS where he has led the development of a laboratory data surveillance dashboard using the DHIS2 platform, which includes test and result data for TB, MDR TB, and XDR TB. He is also a member of the technical working group for the implementation of the National Health Observatory (ONS).

Nunes previously worked as a software analyst and developer for the Banking and Informatics Systems sectors in Mozambique.

Nunes has an honor’s degree in informatics engineering from Instituto Superior de Ciências e Tecnologia de Moçambique (ISCTEM) and is currently pursuing a master’s of science in computing at the University of South Africa (UNISA).

Bilaal Mohamed Amin

IT Analyst

Amin provides technical assistance to the National Institute of Health (INS) in the area of information and communication technology infrastructure implementation and improvement, including supporting the INS in the following areas: network restructuring, ensuring secure access to the network and services, supporting the entire IT Infrastructure design and implementation for the new INS building in Marracuene, security and end-user IT policy development and supporting collaboration between INS and National Data Centre (INTIC) to provide free to low- cost software and hardware solutions to INS.

Amin previously worked on a mobile network expansion project for Vodacom Mozambique and led the IT infrastructure implementation project (including systems, platforms and security) for the first data center in Mozambique sponsored by Huawei.

Amin has a bachelor’s degree in computer and telecommunication engineering from Instituto Superior de Transportes e Comunicações (ISUTC).

Diogo Lucas Chavana

Business Intelligence Developer

Chavana supports the National Institute of Health (INS) and Ministry of Health (MISAU), supporting the Ministry of Health on integrating data from various databases to build a data warehouse and from that data to develop web-based graphic information solutions on dashboards (such as charts and GIS geographical maps) that provide information to support decision-making for better health services.

Chavana previously worked as a consultant with the World Bank providing technical support to the public water sector and implementing data collection tools for water and sanitation. Using Pentaho-based tools, he integrated geographically distributed data and designed dashboards to visualize coverage rates and the spatial distribution of the rural water pumps and sanitation. At the Centro de Desenvolvimento de Sistemas de Informação de Finanças (CEDSIF) at the Ministry of Finance, he focused on databases, e-learning solutions, Data warehouse, ETL processes for data integration, GIS and graphic information.

Chavana holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology from Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique.

Abdul Sacur Momade Ibraimo

HIS Developer

Ibraimo provides software development using Python and Django framework.

He previously worked as a Java developer at CEDSIF for more than eight years and was part of the team developing financial systems used by the government.

Ibraimo has a bachelor's degree in computer science from Eduardo Mondlane University.

Euclides Casimiro Carlos Mabota

Systems IT Help Desk

Mabota provides technical assistance and troubleshooting support related to OpenMRS. He runs diagnostic programs to resolve problems; documents, installs and modifies software; resolves technical problems and follows up with customers about computer usage. He also runs reports to document and determine if and when additional system or product modifications are necessary. He provides support to implementers and users for data migration and implementation of OpenMRS.

Mabota previously worked for Afrisis – Africa Sistemas (a software company), where he provided systems support, systems implementation, data management and some QA testing. He also participated in the development and implementation of a CSPro data capture application for a 1,000-household survey of 345 pages. He has implemented a micro-financial information system – MIFOS – in five local microfinance institutions and remotely to a Namibian microfinance company.

Carina Benilde Matimbe

Business Analyst

Matimbe works with HIS stakeholders and end users to gather and translate customer needs into documented requirements for the developers to program new software products, features and reports related to improving the care and treatment of patients and for improving health program monitoring. She works with the software developers to design the software user interface and function, to test the products created by the developers and guarantee quality assurance of the system, and to bridge communication between the stakeholders and users and the software development team. She also works with the curriculum & training specialist to develop appropriate training materials for implementation of the health and laboratory information system tools. Matimbe is a member of eSaude and OpenMRS community. Her work involves adapting the current OpenMRS medical record system into a point of care (POC) system and expanding it into other healthcare delivery service areas.

Matimbe previously developed the teacher evaluation system of Pedagogical University of Mozambique and participated in the development of the Executing Agency of Acquisitions of INCM. She also worked in business banking and collaborated on new projects at Standard Bank.

Edwin Lucas Matlaba

HIS Developer

Matlaba, a member of the TB/Nsinya team, provides programming and development assistance of health information systems for the national tuberculosis prevalence survey.

Matlaba previously worked as systems developer at Barclays Bank Mozambique and as IT programmer at Único Bank Mozambique, at MD Consultants and at Mozambique Telecommunications

Matlaba has a national diploma from Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa.

Hamilton Paulo Isaías Mutaquiha

HIS Developer

Mutaquiha provides reports development.

He previously worked as a software analyst and programmer at CEDSIF.

Guimino Francisco Neves

HIS Developer

Neves provides development of pharmacy systems such as stock management system based on OpenMRS modules.

Neves previously worked for 10 years on the reform of the state financial administration (Utrafe - CEDSIF), developing integrated solutions to provide greater transparency, flexibility and modernization in the management of public finances.

Neves has a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences from Eduardo Mondlane University.

Yassin Gonçalves Nurmahomed

HIS Developer

Nurmahomed provides support for data information system needs for multiple projects, including OpenMRS and iBLIS development and implementation, data exchange and integration, data visualization and data use.

Nurmahomed previously worked as a software engineer at CEDSIF.

Nurmahomed has a bachelor's degree from Universidade Federal de Uberlândia.

Jessen Moises Sengulane

HIS Developer

Sengulane provides technical support for developing tools for quality improvement of health systems and surveys. He has more than nine years of experience as a software developer.

Monitoring and Evaluation team

Etelvina de Fátima Mbalane

Director of M&E

Mbalane has 14 years of experience working with international organizations leading M&E frameworks for program/project development, assessing program needs and proposing evaluation matrices, as well as quantitative and qualitative analysis for HIV, TB, PMTCT, HTC, Malaria, STDS and nutrition using SPSSS, Stata, Epinfo, Epidata, for several uses including reporting to donors. She has developed SOPs, guidelines, training materials and tools for health data quality verification and has experience in all aspects of IRB research clearance and compliance. She has experience with data management, mainly through data quality supervision, stakeholder communication of outputs, and project planning and monitoring.

Mbalane has a master’s of science in health economics from the University of Zimbabwe.

António David Niquisse Rungo

M&E Specialist

Rungo focuses on continuous quality improvement (CQI), supporting internal Data Quality Assessments (iDQA) by implementing partners, including provision of technical assistance to MISAU, development and delivery of training materials, coordination and alignment of the Global Programs activities through an M&E lens, and ongoing capacity building and mentorship for MISAU and partner staff.

He previously worked as a voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) project manager and data analyst and as a database manager at International Training and Education Center for Health (I-TECH) Mozambique Office,.

Rungo has a master’s degree in biostatistics from Hasselt University, Belgium.

Isabel Maria Mahomed Sathane

M&E Specialist / Key Populations Technical Advisor

Sathane provides technical support for Data Quality Assessment (DQA) and key populations surveillance activities. She assists the implementing partner in DQA data submission, data cleaning and data quality improvement activities. She also assists with key population protocol and tool development including implementation of Integrated Bio-behavioral Surveillance (IBBS) activities.

Sathane previously worked in public health for more than five years, providing technical assistance to the integrated behavior biological survey among key populations and vulnerable populations. At ITECH Mozambique, she contributed to data management, report writing, article among key population in country. This evidence was later used to develop and update strategies and guidelines for key populations. She also worked as a statistics advisor at the Global Survey Corporation.

Sathane is a statistician and holds a postgraduate degree in public health from ISCTEM.

Paula Cristina Libombo

PMTCT Coordinator

Dr. Libombo provides technical assistance to the national prevention of mother-to-child (PMTCT) program at MISAU, in order to strategize about innovative ways to operationalize the M&E framework in the context of 90-90-90 HIV Elimination Strategy. She also assists in the development of e-tools and in identifying ways to maximize data use for quality improvement across all levels of the system such as the use of dashboards. She has more than 10 years of experience providing technical assistance to the national PMTCT program.

Dr. Libombo previously worked as a public health specialist at UNICEF and at WHO where she actively contributed to developing and updating key strategies, norms and guidelines.

She is a medical doctor and holds a master of science in mother and child health from the Institute of Child Health, based in London.

Sónia Teresa Afonso Martins

Quality Improvement Nurse

As a member of the UCLA team, Martins is responsible for program planning, procurement of goods and services and reporting. Under the supervision of Global Programs where she reports to the director of programs at UCLA, she works in collaboration with the pediatric nursing supervisor and the director of the department of pediatrics.

Martins previously worked at various locations where she held positions of chief nurse of the Pediatric Emergency Service and the nursery, working in the area of administration, quality improvement and continuing education. She was responsible at the Beira Central Hospital for five years for support of the health centers of the city of Beira and a pediatric nursing teacher at the Catholic University of Mozambique.

Martins holds a degree in pediatric nursing from the Higher Institute of Health Sciences of Maputo, and she is currently pursuing postgraduate studies in public health at Eduardo Mondlane University.

Epidemiology & Surveillance team

Makini Boothe

Director of Epidemiology & Surveillance

Boothe is the UCSF representative in Mozambique and led the process of establishing UCSF's Mozambique-based office. She is responsible for ensuring the in-country strategic coordination and technical continuity of UCSF’s awards for strategic information and for providing oversight for the day-to-day operations of the Global Programs office. She also is the technical director and advisor for HIV Surveillance seconded to the Surveillance Department at the Instituto Nacional de Saúde (INS), Ministério da Saúde (MISAU), in Maputo where she oversees the planning, implementation, analysis and dissemination of epidemiological studies for HIV surveillance (i.e. IBBS among key populations and routine ANC/PMTCT surveillance).

In addition, Boothe provides technical assistance to INS in strengthening data management, use and visualization for decision-making, including providing the strategic direction and coordination of the development of dashboards. She also provides mentorship and training to INS staff, the FELTP Program and master’s students in research methods, data analysis, report writing and manuscript preparation.

Booth previously worked with CDC’s Center for Global Health, Division of Global HIV/AIDS in Maputo, where she provided data analysis and evaluation support to the HIV program at MISAU in the areas of TB/MDR, HIV care and treatment service quality and HIV incidence modeling.

Boothe holds a master’s degree in public health from Rutgers University.

Tim Kellogg, MA

Senior Epidemiologist

Kellogg is an epidemiologist/technical advisor with broad experience in domestic and International HIV/AIDS surveillance projects. Prior to joining the Mozambique team, he was based in Windhoek, Namibia, assisting the Global Programs Namibia Office with the implementation of the NAMPHIA survey. From 2010 to 2016, he was technical advisor in Nairobi, Kenya, assisting the Ministry of Health with a variety of surveillance projects, including the Kenya AIDS Indicator Survey (KAIS), an evaluation of Kenya's readiness to transition from ANC sentinel surveys to the use of routine PMTCT program data for surveillance purposes, and a pilot of a case-based surveillance (CBS) system in Western Kenya. 

He also specializes in data analysis, results dissemination through reports and publications and capacity building of in-country institutions, organizations and individuals. He has mentored many Kenyan epidemiologists, including residents of the Field Epidemiology Laboratory Training Program (FELTP), in HIV surveillance methods and developing manuscripts for publication.

Kellogg has a master's degree in population biology from San Francisco State University.

Freide Albino César

Surveillance Specialist

César provides technical support to surveillance systems activities related to surveys to assess the impact of HIV programs. He supports the design, implementation, data management, analysis and dissemination of surveillance surveys including key populations, mortality, HIV treatment resistance and others.

César has more than eight years of experience in the research, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of HIV programs. He was a researcher at the African Studies Center at the University Eduardo Mondlane and worked for I-TECH Mozambique in the epidemiological surveillance, monitoring and evaluation of HIV programs in partnership with the Ministry of Health.

César has a bachelor’s degree in geography from Eduardo Mondlane University and is currently pursuing a master's degree in public health.

Gracieth de Jesus da Costa Ferreira

Senior Logistician

Ferriera coordinates logistic issues for activities related to surveillance in the INS for which UCSF provides technical support, including integrated bio-behavioral surveys (IBBS), HIVDR, ANC, ANC / PTV Transition, among others. She also supports the Administrative and Surveillance Sector at the National Institute of Health, in the activities of procurement of goods and services, training, travel, accommodation, mailing and other activities developed during the implementation of UCSF-supported studies.

Ferriera worked for PATHFINDER from 2011 to 2014 as supervisor in the Survey designated Injection Drug Users Survey (PIDs) in Nampula, as a supervisor in the Inquiry with Long-Haul Truckers in Inchope, Sofala and as receptionist in the Inquiry of Female Sex Workers – Beira, Sofala.