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Frequently Asked Questions

I am submitting a grant application that includes activities in one of the countries with a Global Programs office. How can I get information and support for budget development and justification and the Facilities and Resources Statement?

Contact Jane Drake. They can meet with you and your Research Services Coordinator to provide input for your grant application.

How can I get support for my existing project through a Global Programs office?

Contact Jane Drake. They can meet with you and explain the process for managing your project through one of the Global Programs offices.

How much does it cost to implement my project through a Global Programs office?

Each project administered by each Global Programs office shares a portion of the administrative costs required to operate the office (i.e., the cost of office rent, insurance, and shared administrative personnel). These costs are distributed on a monthly basis across all projects proportionately, based on the size of the in-country budget. Costs for project-specific expenses (i.e. for project-specific personnel, supplies, and other similar costs) are charged to those specific projects as they occur.

Do I need to execute a subaward with Global Programs to provide support for my project?

Global Programs is wholly owned and controlled by UCSF, so there is no separate subaward necessary. In-country project support can be set up and initiated quickly.

How do I track in-country expenditures on my projects supported by Global Programs?

The PI assigns expense approvers, who approve expenses via DocuSign. Expenses are posted monthly directly to the project’s UCSF General Ledger.

There is not currently a Global Programs office in the country where I work. How can I find out if one might be opened in the future?

We are continually reviewing locations of international research to determine countries for additional Global Programs offices. Contact Jane Drake.

Will I be able to weigh in on hiring and other personnel decisions for the Global Programs in-country staff hired to work on my project?

Yes, PIs and program managers are able to participate in the hiring process and other human resources decisions for their project personnel.

Can I work from a Global Programs office when I am in the country?

Yes, there is desk and sometimes meeting space available in each office for visitors from UCSF, even if those visitors do not have Global Programs-administered projects. Contact Jane Drake.